The world won't change with just a song, the world won't be saved with just one song
But if that song becomes your smile, then I want to sing ~Shangri-La by Acid black cherry
Ruki: when I look up something in english, I'm not sure about it, right. at times I don’t know, I look it up and when I get messages from overseas fans I do use a translation app, you know.
Ruki: so, I don’t know if I got it right earlier, but suddenly the messages stopped. wonderful.
Ruki: occasionally there are people from overseas with like a kansai dialect, that’s so cool.
» So…


First, Sakura tries to take Sasuke from behind

Then, She’s taking Obito from the Front

Maddy ain’t liking that, so he tries to give her some head

And tries to get his stick in her too…

But Itachi decides to just take her

homegurl sakura got some game is all i’m saying.